Commercial Driver Training Consultants Inc. is a a private, independent school.  We are affiliated with many major carriers that seek out our graduates for employment. These carriers are not financially involved in our school but they do offer the best pay and benefits the industry has to offer. 
Course Requirements For The Class A CDL Program
All Students:

1.) Must have the written tests for the instruction permit completed before class start date.

2.) Must hold a valid operators license and have held an operators license for at least one year.

3.) Must not have any unpaid tickets against their license.

4.) Must have a social security card.

5.) Must be able to pass a five panel, NIDA drug screen.

6.) Must complete and return the school/employer qualification form. 

Program Description:

•All CDTC programs are certificate programs.  We have been training drivers for over 20 years.  Our school is approved through the Indiana Commission on Proprietary Education.  Also, as an accredited member we have an A+ rating with the Indiana Better Business Bureau.

•Currently we start our Class-A program the first, second and third Mondays of every month.  Classes currently run 7 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. (Summer Hours) for up to 14 days.  One weekend will be required.  During road-skills training the days may extend to 10 hours.  In this class students will learn all of the control skills to pass the control-skills test and to obtain their commercial-driver license (CDL). 

•Our training is hands-on with classroom instruction on hours-of-service, map reading, trip-planning and other topics necessary to prepare students for their new profession.

•Students train in state-of-the-art equipment.

•For every 8 hours at the school, the program requires at least 2.0 hours of home study.  Topics from JJ Keller's Tractor-Trailer Training Manuals CSA For Drivers supplement our hands-on training.

Students need an operator's license and social-security card.  They must be able to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination and a 5-panel drug screen. 


•Students must complete the written tests for the instruction permit before the class start.  These are the tests for general knowledge, air brakes and combination vehicles.  We do not require the hazardous-materials endorsement in our program.  Students can pick-up the CDL Test Booklet at their nearest BMV or log on to their state's BMV website.  Please read sections 1, 2, and 3 for general knowledge, section 5 for air brakes and section 6 for combination vehicles.  The written tests are free and given at any BMV center. 

•At the end of the class students will need $175.00 for their control-skills test.  This will be paid directly to the test site.

•Students elect to continue their training into the second-phase after graduation.  This second-phase is 4-6 weeks of one-on-one road training with an employer that offers this program.  Students earn a flat rate during this period.  After completing the road training, they bump to first-seat and start their normal pay scale.  Students do not sign contracts with any employers that hire from CDTC.