Commercial Driver Training Consultants Inc. is a a private, independent school.  We are affiliated with many major carriers that seek out our graduates for employment. These carriers are not financially involved in our school but they do offer the best pay and benefits the industry has to offer. 

The Truth About...

 Contract Training or Company Paid Training

Contract Training Is Not free!  

We will not tell you any of the tired stories you have probably heard or read about on other websites such as free tuition and guaranteed jobs. 

Generally, before you can start at a school that offers contract training or company paid training, you will have to sign a contract for a large amount of money and in some cases, agree to a weekly payroll deduction.  You will also have to work for a carrier that will pay for the cost of your training if you work for that company for a specified length of time.


If you actually pass the CDL test and qualify for employment at said carrier, you will be working for them at wages that are far below what new drivers can earn when they are not under a tuition contract.


This wage scale after deductions will not be enough to cover expenses that you will have while living on the road in addition to your family needs and financial obligations.

Well there you have it, these are just some of the reasons  why most of these drivers end up quitting before they fulfill their contract.  

Starting pay for the above type of school can be from .10 to .18 cents per mile less than it would be for an entry level driver attending an independent school.   

In dollars and cents...  An entry level driver can expect to average about 2,500 miles per week.  Figuring the low end of that pay difference, this is $250.00 per week or 1,000.00 per month at just a .10 cent per mile difference.  That's a LOT of CASH left at the table!!!!!


NOTE:  In many cases this type of school has more staff in their collections department then instructors in their training department.

The reasons:

If you don't finish the school you owe the tuition.

If you don't pass the CDL test you owe the tuition.

If you do not meet the carrier’s qualifications for employment you owe the tuition.

If you are hired and leave the carrier before your obligation is fulfilled you owe the tuition.

You will sign over any tuition reimbursement that the carrier offers new drivers.

Obviously whether you actually pass the test and get employed does not matter because either way you owe the tuition.

As a matter of fact they don't lose in either case.  You pay the tuition or you get sued.

Now think carefully, does any of this sound like it could benefit you and your family?

NOTE:  Nothing in life that is worth having is FREE!


Before you sign any of the above type of contracts, please do your homework and get the facts to make an intelligent decision about your future.


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